Redefining Leadership!

According to CNBC  2020 reports on the number of female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies is 37. We believe that the numbers should be much higher. We are not wishing for the numbers to change, rather we are digging our heels in and creating the change we desire.


We are a strong network of powerful female leaders focused on educating, inspiring & supporting the next generation of female leaders. We are change makers driving gender parity in the workplace and in business


We believe the hard work and accomplishments of women should be celebrated. Through the different categories of the Distinguished Awards, we are determined to showcase the hard work, intelligence, and resilience of women leaders. No more hidden figures!


There is a need for highly experienced female leaders to discover and mentor the next generation of female leaders. This may be difficult but our goal is to make it easy. We make it easy for professional women to discover mentors, and founders to discover advisors for their companies.


We create opportunities for women to connect with like-minded women to support each other on their way to success. Through masterminds, leadership training programs, webinars, and conferences we create opportunities for women to network, learn, and grow.

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Join us for two days of learning, networking and celebrating in 2021

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